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 Our Services & Capabilities

RiverNorth is an EDWOSB/WOSB certified IT Services company that believes in bringing consulting back to contracting. We support IT modernization programs for financial services government agencies and companies through highly technical systems analysis, data analysis, business architecture, and project management.


Preparing for IT Modernization

Our consultants’ deep technical expertise and project experience enables them to gain an intimate understanding of your current state. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing system, migrate to the cloud, or take advantage of emerging technology like blockchain, AI, or machine learning, preparation is critical and at the very core of what we do.


Functional & Strategic Modernization Support

Whether your organization aligns with an agile approach, traditional waterfall project management methodology, or somewhere in between, our consultants have the experience to help you build on what is working while finding opportunities to help you grow. There is no off-the-shelf solution to help every organization meet their long-term goals and no substitute for institutional knowledge. At RiverNorth, we believe there’s no better way to get a feeling for your needs than by working together, side-by-side, meeting your short-term goals, while developing a strategy for your future.


Our Expertise


Project Management

Process Engineering

Organizational Efficiency/Effectiveness

Agile Coaching and Scrum Leadership

Team Facilitation

Executive Coaching



Emerging Technology Guidance/Strategy

Systems Integration

Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, and Data Visualization

Current/Future State Roadmaps

Systems Analysis


How We Operate 


Passion for Analysis
and IT strategy

Our approach starts with the realization that each client and their respective problems are unique. While our consultants can draw upon a myriad of past experiences and engagements to deliver quality advice and direction, we do not operate from a unified consulting playbook. RiverNorth’s practice was born from a passion for analysis and IT strategy. That passion guides us to understand your business and find the most effective and efficient solution for you at the expense of our own bottom line.



One of the greatest motivators you can provide a team is a sense of ownership. When you have ownership over a project or task, you take more pride in the decisions and outcome, knowing that you’ll be affected by them every day, for the near future. For this reason, we count on project teams serving the client to make the majority of decisions for their project, rather than executives who are removed from the day-to-day.

Our clients benefit by receiving a more responsive and experienced team. Teams are accountable only to each other and the client and have absolute autonomy to set project direction, interview new team members, and divvy up the roles as they collectively see fit. In practice, this means that we prioritize making decisions based on what we know now, instead of what could be the case later, understanding that we have the flexibility and commitment to adapt if our decision is wrong.

Contractors Who Consult

There are plenty of consulting firms who will tell you exactly what you need before they take the time to understand your challenges, objectives, and requirements. Just because a solution has worked for one client doesn’t mean it is the correct solution for you. We see our role differently. Our consultants are trained to help clients challenge the status quo by finding creative solutions to remove blockers and execute your vision for the future.

Each person we bring on to a contract is expected to be identifying problems and advocating solutions. Further, they know how to seek advice from those in your organization with institutional knowledge to refine their advice and suggestions. Combining your institutional knowledge with our expert analysis avoids the endless cycle of off-target deliveries and empowers our people to sense opportunities to challenge the current, instead of fighting it.


Transparency & Honesty

We founded RiverNorth on the concepts of transparency and honesty. This is the bedrock of our workplace culture and we deliver on this commitment every day to our employees. We extend our concept of radical honesty and transparency to our clients. While we have rigorous quality practices, we don’t sanitize our messaging. Each of our consultants is empowered to be candid with their thoughts, analysis, or progress. We have worked in places where we were forbidden from telling the client what they needed to hear and wanted to build an environment where our consultants feel comfortable to be honest and forthright. Your success depends on the constant flow of accurate information, it’s what you pay us for and what you deserve.


Why We’re Here 


When our Consultants thrive, feel fulfilled, and hit full potential, you benefit

We are in the business of giving employees opportunities to thrive, feel fulfilled, and realize their full potential. We know that fulfilled employees are engaged employees – and engaged employees put their voices in the room to identify problems early, find solutions, and work toward bigger and better ways of operating in the future. 


RiverNorth consultants thrive because of several key beliefs we prioritize daily

Bottom-up Leadership

Studies and common logic conclude that the further a leader gets from the front-lines, the more likely their decisions will be misinformed. RiverNorth avoids this common consulting pitfall by empowering and relying on each employee to raise ideas, concerns, and solutions. From investment ideas to prioritization of strategic objectives to innovations that support client delivery, we reward the people who put their voices in the room. When individuals assume temporary leadership roles, they do so to remove impediments so teams can operate as effectively as possible while seeking to understand and empathize with their teams. This not only improves employee engagement and retention, it helps us deliver well-rounded consultants to our clients.


Employee-driven Development Opportunities

We know that people are never one-dimensional. We believe that you should be able to bring your whole self to work,  which includes being honest about your dreams, passions, and drivers. Wanting to be an analyst today should not preclude you from pursuing work in HR tomorrow; being an incredible data engineer should not mean that you cannot also enjoy the big-picture work of corporate strategy. Not only do we not ask our employees to stay in one place forever, we expect that they won’t. Our goal is to help employees find the tasks, roles, and skills that fulfill them and encourage them to always look toward the tasks, roles, and skills that will fulfill them in the future. As a result, our consultants are energized, because they are closely aligned with their passion, and often have multi-faceted skills they can delivery to their clients.

Radical Candor: Challenging the Current

Consistent delivery of feedback is not just encouraged, it’s required. Inspired by Kim Scott’s best selling book, we care personally and challenge directly. Employees cannot thrive if they are worried about internal politics, gossip, and impressing “the boss.” We have removed titles from our culture so we can practice candor more effectively, which means respecting each person so deeply that we could not withhold feedback that would help them grow. Freedom to identify and speak to issues and problems enables our transparent approach. Clients are never in the dark, because speaking and accepting truths is fundamental to our culture. It is not uncommon to see team members challenge each other during meetings or be rewarded for speaking difficult truths. Like the rare rivers that challenge nature by flowing North instead of South, we too believe in challenging the current of our everyday consulting experiences. 


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